The Michigan Rocky Horror Preservation Society puts on a full audience partici…
pation shadow cast performance every second and fourth Saturday of the month at the
classic State-Wayne Theater.

What Should I Expect?
There is truly nothing like seeing a show with the Michigan Rocky Horror Preservation
Society. It’s not just a movie and it’s not just a stage performance. You’ll get to see the
cult classic movie in all its glory, with a live cast of talented actors simultaneously acting
out and lip synching all the parts on stage in front of the screen while the audience yells
call backs and throws props. If you were hoping to simply watch a movie in a dark quiet
theater then this is NOT the show for you. The theater WILL be loud, the language
WILL be vulgar, the show WILL be interactive, and you WILL see people in their
underwear! But fear not, we’ll help you navigate and immerse yourself in all the fun and
frivolity that has made Rocky Horror late night shows revered and relevant for over 40
It is an R rated film, so age limits are those set by the MPAA.  Under 17 requires
parent or guardian.  No nudity other than what Nell provides onscreen. Mature
audiences recommended.

Am I a Virgin?
Have you seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show in a theater with a cast and audience
before? If not, you are a virgin! What do we do with virgins? Pop their cherries, of
course! Don’t be scared, we’ll warm you up and make the experience fun at least,
which is more than we can say for your old prom date!

Your first time at our show only happens once so make the best of it or you’ll regret it
later. When you enter the theater and someone asks if you are a “virgin,” be honest
and play along. We might simply have you stand at your seat and sing/chant in unison
with the audience for your deflowering, or you might get lucky and be selected as one of
the few virgin sacrifices who come up on stage and play silly games for a prize. Either
way, you are the foreplay for our show and it won’t last long, so make the most of your
first time and have fun!

Can I Really Throw Things in the Theater?
Yes! You are a part of the show, so when it’s raining on screen we need you to pull out
your squirt gun and bring the storm to life! Part of the Rocky Horror late night tradition is being able to cut loose and go a little wild! If you remember fondly going to see the
movie years ago when you could throw cards and toast and squirt water around, our
show is like what you remember – and more! Where else do you get to toss rolls of
toilet paper around and not have it lead to a littering ticket?

Outside props are NOT allowed, but you can purchase prop bags at our show
containing everything you need to have a great time for only $4.00 each. Not sure how
it works or when to throw things? Just follow along with our gal Trixie on stage, she will
hold up cue cards for when you should be using/throwing what and will help keep you
on track. Just remember that we always throw props UP and BACK in the theater and
NEVER at our actors for safety reasons.

How Should I Dress?
As Frank says “don’t dream it, be it!” At our shows you can let your freak flag fly, within
reason. We encourage our audience to dress up (or dress down), let loose, and have
tons of fun with us crazy folk. Many people come dressed in character, or just come
dressed in their best lingerie! You should dress in whatever makes YOU feel
comfortable, but also does not violate any local standards – so nudity is prohibited (by