Did you know that we also do theme shows along with the classic Rocky Horror Experience? NO?! You should fix that! MiRHPS is well known for our amazing costumes during our theme nights. There is also a chance we may have some shows on slightly different days (or extra shows in a month!).

What is a theme night?

A “theme night” is a show where every costume (and some props) have one cohesive theme. The characters are still recognizable, but the costumes (and some props) are altered to fit the theme. An example: during the Mardi Gras theme show in February, the floorshow characters have feather plumes and masks (in their floorshow colors).

For more visual evidence of these theme shows in action, check out our gallery.

Want to know when these theme shows happen? When do we get extra shows in a month? Check out our calendar of events below!

2020-MIRHPS Calendar of Events (PDF Download)